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 Welcome to Four Seasons Pest Control! Our 22 dedicated commercial & residential pest and termite control technicians have a ton of experience serving the City & Suburbs.

Besides general pest management, we also specialize in bird control, vegetation management, entotherm treatments for bed bugs and fumigation. Let us help solve your pest issue.

Many pests can permanently damage your home, while others carry and spread diseases. The first step to effective pest management is defining the insect or bug problem you face.

The next step is to limit the reproduction and survival potential of each pest. For instance, if you remove the food, water and shelter of pests – that will have a very significant impact on controlling pest populations.

The last step is contacting Four Seasons Pest Control to help rid your home of the pest and prevent future damage.  Our knowledge, training, and years of experience, along with appropriate chemical control measures, cam help create a longer lasting, more significant impact in maximizing pest control. All pest control services are offered on a 1-time, Quarterly, or Monthly basis depending on the severity of the problem and needs of your location.


Carpenter Ants are the most active at night so evening inspections are best.

  • Thorough inspection in and around the structure – from the ground level to the roof peak
  • Locate the colony/nest
  • Locate the satellite colonies/nests
  • Drill and treat the entire colony

Termites do their worst damage before you ever know they are there.

  • Thorough inspections in and around the structure – regardless of the construction materials usedtermite
  • Advance treatment methods for control and elimination
  • Sentricon System
  • Termidor System

Roaches can carry disease, but can be exterminated.

  • BAIT Technology
  • Human and pet safe

Fleas can be controlled with our pest control services.

  • Pet Grooming
  • Housekeepingflea
  • Lighted Traps
  • Pet Control
  • Outside the Home
  • Desiccant Powders
  • Repellents

Local Pest Control

Calumet City (/ˌkæljʊˈmɛt/ KAL-yuu-MET) is a city in Cook County, Illinois. The population was 37,042 at the 2010 census, a decline of 5.2% from 2000. The ZIP code is 60409.

Calumet City (commonly referred to locally as “Cal City”) was founded in 1893 when the villages of Schrumville and Sobieski Park merged under the name of West Hammond, since it lies on the west side of the Illinois-Indiana line from Hammond, Indiana. In 1924, West Hammond officially became Calumet City after its citizens voted to change the name in 1923.

In addition to being bordered to the east by Hammond, it is also bordered by Burnham and Chicago to the north, Lansing to the south, and South Holland and Dolton to the west.


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An individual who pertains to your home unwanted and provides a totally free pest examination or pressures you to buy insect control treatments. That person effectively could be a scam artist. A pest control company whose phone number isn’t noted or isn’t working. An offer to integrate bug control services with other services, such as house repair or tree trimming, as part of a bundle if you immediately consent to have them done.

Likewise, you ought to ask whether the agreement is instantly restored every year. The contract ought to include the name of the business offering the service in addition to its contact info. Any pledges made by the bug control provider need to be put in composing. “Make certain you comprehend what the business will do if insects continue or return after treatment,” the Better Company Bureau states, “and how long it will require to implement the treatment.” The EPA states things you should inquire about when picking an insect control business include: How long have you stayed in business at your current address? The answer will inform you something about the business’s stability.

Will the person performing services at my house be licensed or certified? The response will help indicate how professional the business is. Can you reveal me a copy of your pest control license, copies of the labels of the pesticides you utilize and a rundown of how the pesticides are applied? An aversion to come up with these documents should raise suspicion.

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a warm, welcoming and cozy environment meant for dinner with household and laughing over games with the kids and curling up on the sofa to see a film. Pests that sneak into your simple house and crawl without approval all over your once tidy counters and sleek floorings destroy this ideal and enjoyable photo.

You would like to know what you’re getting for your money which you’re receiving something of value. The tough part of comparing insect control prices is that you want to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. It can be a temptation to choose the most inexpensive rate, however that can cost you more later on if the service and results aren’t up to par.